New Salem Town Election Results

64 of 696 voters

10% voter turnout

Selectperson, 3 years

   Lisa DeWitt:  52 votes

Board of Health, 3 years

   Jenny Potee:  59 votes

Assessor, 3 years

   Eric Hamm:  59 votes

Planning Board, 5 years

   Sarah Kohler:  50 votes

School Committee, 3 years

   Carla Halpern:  57 votes

School Committee, 1 year (to fill vacancy)

   John DeWitt:  57 votes

Library Trustee, 3 years

   Jane McKay:  62 votes

Library Trustee, 1 year (to fill vacancy)

   Judith Northup Bennett:  62 votes


Notice of Property Inspections by Assessors Office – FY2016

The New Salem Board of Assessors will be conducting property data quality inspections of various properties in New Salem beginning in late April through September of 2015. These inspections will be conducted by Duane Adams, from Mayflower Valuation, and by Kenneth Holmberg, the New Salem Assistant Assessor, both of who who will carry a field ID card and use a personal vehicle Notices are being mailed to all parcels in the areas we plan on inspecting for data quality.

The inspection takes a few minutes generally and includes an exterior inspection and measure of improvements and an interior inspection to verify data such as bedroom and bathroom count, physical condition, and square footage of living space.

The inspections are to verify the data on the property record card to ensure your property value will be based on accurate information. In addition to sale inspections and permit inspections, the Assessors are required by the Department of Revenue’s Guidelines for Development of a Minimum Reassessment Program to conduct cyclical inspections on a portion of parcels each fiscal year to meet our state approval requirement to inspect each parcel at least one every nine years.
The staff of the Assessor’s Office also conducts sale and permit inspections throughout town all year long. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your cooperation. As always, we appreciate your assistance in ensuring your data is accurate and your value is fair. We encourage you to review your property record card, available in the Assessors Office. Questions may be addressed to 978-544-5814 or newsalemassessor@hotmail.com.

The New Salem Board of Assessors
Phyllis Stever, Chairperson
Eric Hamm, Assessor

WiredWest town meeting bond authorizations are now 12 for 12. Cummington, Plainfield, Shutesbury, West Stockbridge, Blandford,  Windsor, Egremont, Colrain, Washington, Monterey, Becket and Rowe all passed with overwhelming majorities or unanimously, and often with record attendance.

New Salem Broadband Committee Update

We met our first goal!  With over 200 households signed up for WiredWest we have achieved and surpassed the minimum 40% household sign up goal to be eligible to be wired for high speed Internet.  Our next goal is to have 80 more households sign up which will put us at 60% of households in town pre-registered. This will increase our odds of being among the first to be wired.

Please sign up!  You can sign up with a credit card online at www.wiredwest.net.  To sign up by mail download a registration form or pick up a form at the New Salem General Store or the New Salem Library and mail it along with your check for $49 to WiredWest, Old Courthouse, 99 Main St., Northampton, MA 01060.

There will be another New Salem Broadband Committee/WiredWest Information Session at 7pm on Wednesday, May 20th in the Training Room at the New Salem Fire Station. You can also email your questions to us at broadband@newsalem-massachusetts.org or learn more at www.newsalem-massachusetts.org and www.wiredwest.net.

Remember, there are two more important actions needed to bring high-speed Internet to our town:
VOTE AT THE JUNE 1st ANNUAL TOWN MEETING - Mark your calendar and be sure all of the registered voters in your household attend the meeting. A 2/3 vote is needed to authorize borrowing to fund the project.
VOTE IN THE SPECIAL ELECTION - Soon after town meeting a majority (>50%) ballot vote is needed to approve the debt exclusion. Date to be announced.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to support this project!

Let’s do this New Salem!


New Salem Broadband Committee


For more information:
Broadband Committee Page

Tax Collector’s Office Closed May 28 Through June 11
Tax Collector’s Office will be closed Thurs May 28 through Thurs June 11
-Money orders will be accepted in lieu of cash payments during this period of time.
-Money orders or checks may be placed in the black tax payment drop box located in front of the Town Hall.
 -Money orders or checks may also be mailed to the Tax Collector, 24 S. Main St., New Salem, MA 01355
-Payments for current bills may be made online at unitaxonline.com
-If you have questions email newsalemtax@aol.com and the Tax Collector will get back to you as soon as possible.

New Salem Transfer Station News
New Wood Pellet Bag Recycling Program: This is a pilot program and can only accept pellet bags – no other plastic bag or plastic film product.  Bags must be dry and empty. They must be bundled together. There will be twine at the New Salem Transfer Station if needed. It’s very important for participants to follow the guidelines so that all material can be recycled and not rejected by the end market. Residents in New Salem may deliver pellet bags to the Transfer Station during normal operating hours.  There is no fee. New Salem residents can bring their bags clean and bundled to the Wendell Transfer Station also. There is no fee there either.
News from the Franklin County Waste Management District

Transfer Station Bags Winner: Carol Bright won the package of New Salem Trash Bags for picking up the rubbish on the side of the road. Good work Carol. If you are interested in trying to win the free rubbish bags talk to Bob at the New Salem Transfer Station.
Suggestion Box at Transfer Station: There will be a suggestion box at the New Salem Transfer Station. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve the Transfer Station just leave it in the box.

Board of Health Hours Changed
The Board of Health Clerks Hours will now be on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Board of Health Raffle Winner Announced
Transfer Station Bags Winner: Keep bringing in that trash and you could be the next person to win free bags from the Transfer Station.. We will continue to have the drawing each month so continue bringing in the trash from the side of the road and put your name in the basket and you might win a bag of 10 bags. That will save you $15.00. Thank you for keeping New Salem clean.
Suggestion Box at Transfer Station
There will be a suggestion box at the New Salem Transfer Station. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve the Transfer Station just leave it in the box.

New Salem Agricultural Commission
The Agricultural Commission is looking for new members, as we now have 6 members for generating ideas, assisting with planning and development! The Agricultural Commission is developing a listing of speakers to join our winter/spring meetings to discuss issues such as, pollinator development, amending soil, best organic practices.  We would like to invite other gardeners from other community projects, so spread the word! If you are interested in having your soil tested, please contact us, as we now have a connection through UMass. We are seeking public input on specific topics you may want more information about, whether that is through public presentations or research findings. Send an email to sspiewak20@yahoo.com, join our meetings, or "like" our New Salem Community Garden page at (https://www.facebook.com/Newsalemcommunitygarden2014?ref=bookmarks) on Facebook.

Bat Exposure Information
If you have questions about potential rabies exposures or how to submit a bat to MDPH for rabies testing, please call the MDPH, Division of Epidemiology and Immunization at (617) 983-6800. Detailed information is attached. For additional information on rabies, you may also visit the website at www.mass.gov/dph/rabies.


Recycling Information
Check out the Springfield MRF Advisory Board's 2014 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Guide, online at: www.tinyurl.com/RRR2014


Money Available for Recreation Activities

The New Salem Recreation Committee has money available to sponsor recreation activities for New Salem residents, in addition to its traditional events. If you would like to organize a recreational activity or event, please contact Karen Duplissie at 544-8614, Jeanne Clayton at 544-7924 or Jane Clukay at 544-2660.

Sign up for WiredWest and help make New Salem a Fiber Town. Sign me up!

Click Here to Sign Up by Mail or For More Information
Info Session Tonight! May 20 7pm New Salem Fire Station

Broadband Stories
Our neighbors (and would-be neighbors) talk about why they need broadband.  See their stories here.

Town of New Salem Municipal Offices         


Stowell Building

19 S. Main Street

New Salem, MA 01355


Town Coordinator



Town Hall Annex

24 S. Main Street

New Salem, MA 01355

Town Clerk

Tax Collector



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New Salem Democratic Caucus Scheduled

The New Salem Town Democratic Caucus will be Saturday, May 30 at 9:00 am at the Stowell Building. The main purpose of the caucus is to select delegates to the State Democratic Convention. The New Salem Town Democratic Caucus is somewhat later this year because the State Democratic Convention is on Sept. 19 instead of in June as in previous years. More information will be forthcoming so stay tuned.

Spring Clean Up Week
The Recreation Committee would like to remind you that Spring Vacation Week is a great time to help clean up New Salem! Trash which is obviously litter can be dropped off at the New Salem Transfer Station and you can enter your name in a raffle for a free set of Transfer Station bags.

New Kitchen Compost Pails Available at Transfer Station!

The Franklin County Solid Waste District recently purchased a large number of “Sure-Close” kitchen compost pails. These 1.9-gallon pails are meant to collect food waste in the kitchen, and the materials then emptied into backyard or municipal compost bins. The lid latches securely and can be made to stay open for ease of use. The vented lid has pinholes that act as a filter (but with no expensive or hard-to-find filter); moisture can pass through the lid, which reduces odors.


New Salem was among 15 district towns received varying amounts of pails: Bernardston, Colrain, Conway, Erving, Gill, Hawley, Heath, Orange, Montague, New Salem, Rowe, Shelburne, Sunderland, Wendell, and Whately. They are available free at our transfer station while supplies last.  The kitchen pails are also offered for sale to District residents for $5 at the District Office, 50 Miles St., Greenfield; call 413-772-2438 for hours or more info. Earth Machine outdoor compost bins are also for sale for $45 at the District office


These municipal compost programs are available free to permit holders at the transfer stations in Leverett, New Salem, Northfield, Orange, and Whately. The majority of this purchase was funded by Mass DEP’s Sustainable Materials Recovery Program  (SMRP) small-scale initiatives grant. The grant requires that funded items contain 35% recycled content; therefore these pails are an avocado green color to mask any color variations in the recycled product. The District previously offered a beige version of the same pail. District Towns also received a total of 44 Earth Machine compost bins, funded by the SMRP grant. For more information, please call (413) 772-2438.

Board of Health Litter Drawing Awards
In the month of April, Jeffrey Duga and children walked the sides of the roads in New Salem  and picked up 15 bags of rubbish. They won the drawing for the free bags for that month. Hugh MacKay won the May drawing for the free bags for his part in keeping New Salem clean. Thanks to all of you from the Board of Health and the Town of New Salem for helping to keep New Salem clean. If anyone is interested in participating in the drawing for the free trash.

Representative Needed for Franklin County Technical School District Committee
The Town of New Salem is looking for someone to represent the Town on the Franklin County Technical School District Committee.  If you are interested in serving your town in this capacity, please call the Town Moderator, Calvin Layton at 978-544-7892 or e-mail him at clavin.layton@gmail.com.


The Franklin County Solid Waste District has made available information on recycling options in the county. Please see attached flyers.

Recycling in Franklin County Flyer

Why Recycle Flyer

Transfer Station Hours

The Transfer Station is open on Saturdays from 8:00am-4:00pm

New Electronic Waste Collection Program

The Solid Waste District has partnered with MRM and Electronic Recyclers to offer towns a new electronic waste program.  New Salem has an agreement with the Wendell Transfer Station allowing us to bring TVs to their landfill for a fee depending on the size of the TV. However, Wendell can NOT charge you for the following brands of electronics, so you can dispose of them FREE!  Mitsubishi,  Panasonic, Quasar, Sharp, Toshiba, Technics, and Vizio.

District, 413-772-2438, ), or the Springfield Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) Recycling Hotline at 888-888-0784 ext. 2293.


Personnel Board Looking for New Member
The New Salem Personnel Board is looking for a new member. Personnel Board Search

Board/Committee Vacancies

The Selectboard is looking for people to fill the following Board/Committee vacancies.  Please contact the Town Coordinator, Nancy Aldrich, at 978-544-6437 if you are interested in serving:

Energy Committee - 1 vacancy
Website Committee - 2 vacancies
Cultural Council - 1 vacancy