Notice from the Franklin County Regional Transportation Authority
A survey about people's interest in bus service has been sent by the Franklin Regional Council of Governments. It's addressed to "Boxholder." Please open and answer it! It will help FRCOG, the regional planning agency, decide whether to try out bus service for Wendell, New Salem, Shutesbury and/or Leverett.

FY16 Real Estate and Personal Property 4th Quarter Tax Bills Due by May 2nd
     The 3rd and 4th quarter Fiscal Year 2016 Real Estate and Personal Property Tax bills were mailed out on December 30th, 2015.  This is to remind you that the due date for the FY16 4th Quarter Real Estate and Personal Property taxes is May 2, 2016.  Payments received after that date will be charged interest and fees.
     If you have questions regarding your bill you may call (978) 544-5775 and leave a message stating your name, phone number and the address of your property.  You may also email your request for information to newsalemtax@aol.com.  Questions regarding the assessed value of your property, abatements or exemptions should be directed to the Assessors at (978) 544-5814.
     Non-cash payments may be deposited in the Tax Payment Drop Box located in front of the town hall at 15 S. Main St. or mailed to the Tax Collector’s office at 24 S. Main St., New Salem, MA 01355. Payments may also be scheduled or paid online, through the due date, at www.unitaxonline.com.  Cash payments (exact change only, please) may be made during the Tax Collector’s office hours at 24 S. Main Street on Tuesdays 5-7pm and Thursdays 10am-Noon. 
     Assessment information and abatement forms can be found on the Assessors’ page at the town website at www.newsalem-massachusetts.org.


Town Election Results

May 2, 2016
As reported by Stacy Senflug, Town clerk

69 OF 707 voters present
9% voter turnout
 Wayne Hachey    62
 Blanks        4
 Write-Ins        3  
 Lynn Layton    68        
 Blanks        1
 Stacy Senflug    69
 Calvin Layton    67
 Blanks        2
 Alfred Ohlson    66
 Blanks        3
 David Briand    57
 Blanks        12
 Melissa Burke    67    
 David Briand    53
 Blanks                    18
 Judith Northup-Bennett 62
 Blanks           7
 Monica Winters     65
 Blanks          3
 Write-Ins     1

New Salem Firefighter’s Association Upgrade Office at Fire Station
Members of the New Salem Firefighters' Association have begun upgrading an underutilized office at the fire station. The new space will greatly improve access for training, meetings and storage. Thanks to all who volunteered their time to help Wednesday: Members Joe Cuneo, Larry Eaton, Ricky Misner, Cam Dunbar, Daniel Thayer, Roger Spring, and retired members Arthur Adams and Bruce Dunbar.

Notice:  Final Value Approval and FY16 Tax Rates

Following a two week disclosure period and DOR approval of values, the Selectboard held a classification hearing and voted again to split the tax rate for FY16.  The tax rate was approved by the DOR on December 15th with the residential rate at $17.23 and the commercial rate set at $22.99.  A town-wide listing of values for real estate appears below.

Tax bills were mailed out by the end of December and third quarter FY16 payments are due by February 1st.  Persons seeking an abatement for either real estate or personal property must apply before the third quarter bill is due.  Applications are available on our website or from the assessor’s office. 

Exemptions for elderly and veterans are also available for those who qualify.  Qualification for elderly are  age 65 and assets under $40,000 (excluding house), and, depending on  annual income, amounts may range from $175 to $1000.  Qualifications for veterans are the documentation of a disability of at least 10% by the Veterans Administration and amounts range from $400 up to $1000 depending on the disability.  All exemption applications must be received by the assessors by the end of March. 

All questions should be addressed  to the Board of Assessors at 978-544-5814 or by emailed to newsalemassessor@hotmail.com.

The Assessors office is open on Wednesday from 9 till noon.

FY16 Assessed Value by Owner

Veterans' Services

As of July 1, 2015, New Salem is part of the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Services District.  More information here.

New Salem Agricultural Commission
The Agricultural Commission is looking for new members, as we now have 6 members for generating ideas, assisting with planning and development! The Agricultural Commission is developing a listing of speakers to join our winter/spring meetings to discuss issues such as, pollinator development, amending soil, best organic practices.  We would like to invite other gardeners from other community projects, so spread the word! If you are interested in having your soil tested, please contact us, as we now have a connection through UMass. We are seeking public input on specific topics you may want more information about, whether that is through public presentations or research findings. Send an email to sspiewak20@yahoo.com, join our meetings, or "like" our New Salem Community Garden page at (https://www.facebook.com/Newsalemcommunitygarden2014?ref=bookmarks) on Facebook.

Recycling Information
Check out the Springfield MRF Advisory Board's 2014 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Guide, online at: www.tinyurl.com/RRR2014

Money Available for Recreation Activities

The New Salem Recreation Committee has money available to sponsor recreation activities for New Salem residents, in addition to its traditional events. If you would like to organize a recreational activity or event, please contact Karen Duplissie at 544-8614, Jeanne Clayton at 544-7924 or Jane Clukay at 544-2660.

Sign up for WiredWest and help make New Salem a Fiber Town.
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Broadband Stories
Our neighbors (and would-be neighbors) talk about why they need broadband. 

See their stories here.

Town of New Salem

Municipal Offices 


Stowell Building

19 S. Main Street

New Salem, MA 01355


Town Coordinator



Town Hall Annex

24 S. Main Street

New Salem, MA 01355

Town Clerk

Tax Collector



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Board of Assessors Seek One Replacement

The Board of Assessors is seeking one replacement for the pending retirement of chair, Phyllis Stever, who has served for ten years. It is required that the board have three members, however a board of two members meets the minimum requirement for a quorum. The board meets twice monthly (2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.) through most of the year and meetings are normally under two hours in length.  There is a stipend for board members. Please call our office at 978-544-5814, if you are a town resident and are interested in joining the board.  Potential candidates would
meet with the current Board and upon their recommendation, be appointed by the Selectboard. When the members term is expired they must be elected. Current members of the Board as of this date are Eric Hamm (Chair), Phyllis Stever and David Briand.


Personnel Committee
Due to a recent resignation, the Personnel Committee is looking for a new member. Contact Nancy Aldrich at 978-544-6437 if you are interested.


Website Committee
The New Salem Website committee is down to two active members and needs additional volunteers. Please contact Mary-Ellen Kennedy at 978-821-2597 or Nancy Aldrich at 978-544-6437 if you are interested.


Energy Committee
The New Salem Energy Committee is on a hiatus as only two members remain. They are now working with Wendell on grants for energy upgrades at Swift River School. The Town of Wendell has suggested working with New Salem on “Solarize Mass” which provides group rates on multiple solar installations. Please contact Nancy Aldrich at 978-544-6437 if you are interested in working with the Energy Committee.

Representative Needed for Franklin County Technical School District Committee
The Town of New Salem is looking for someone to represent the Town on the Franklin County Technical School District Committee.  If you are interested in serving your town in this capacity, please call the Town Moderator, Calvin Layton at 978-544-7892 or e-mail him at calvin.layton@gmail.com.

Spring Clean Sweep Bulky Waste Day
The Franklin County Solid Waste District will be holding its Spring Clean Sweep Bulky Waste Day on Saturday, May 21st from 9:00 a.m. to noon. For more information on any of these programs or events, contact the Franklin County Solid Waste District: 413-772-2438, info@franklincountywastedistrict.org.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection
As a resident of New Salem you have access to at least six Household Hazardous Waste collection events each year

· Pre-registration is required
· To see the complete list of collection event dates, times and locations, go to http://www.franklincountywastedistrict.org/HHWreciprocal.html

New Kitchen Compost Pails Available at Transfer Station!

The Franklin County Solid Waste District recently purchased a large number of “Sure-Close” kitchen compost pails. These 1.9-gallon pails are meant to collect food waste in the kitchen, and the materials then emptied into backyard or municipal compost bins. The lid latches securely and can be made to stay open for ease of use. The vented lid has pinholes that act as a filter (but with no expensive or hard-to-find filter); moisture can pass through the lid, which reduces odors.


New Salem was among 15 district towns received varying amounts of pails: Bernardston, Colrain, Conway, Erving, Gill, Hawley, Heath, Orange, Montague, New Salem, Rowe, Shelburne, Sunderland, Wendell, and Whately. They are available free at our transfer station while supplies last.  The kitchen pails are also offered for sale to District residents for $5 at the District Office, 50 Miles St., Greenfield; call 413-772-2438 for hours or more info. Earth Machine outdoor compost bins are also for sale for $45 at the District office


These municipal compost programs are available free to permit holders at the transfer stations in Leverett, New Salem, Northfield, Orange, and Whately. The majority of this purchase was funded by Mass DEP’s Sustainable Materials Recovery Program  (SMRP) small-scale initiatives grant. The grant requires that funded items contain 35% recycled content; therefore these pails are an avocado green color to mask any color variations in the recycled product. The District previously offered a beige version of the same pail. District Towns also received a total of 44 Earth Machine compost bins, funded by the SMRP grant. For more information, please call (413) 772-2438.

Recycling Information

The Franklin County Solid Waste District has made available information on recycling options in the county. Please see attached flyers.

Recycling in Franklin County Flyer

Why Recycle Flyer

Transfer Station Hours

The Transfer Station is open on Saturdays from 8:00am-4:00pm

New Electronic Waste Collection Program

The Solid Waste District has partnered with MRM and Electronic Recyclers to offer towns a new electronic waste program.  New Salem has an agreement with the Wendell Transfer Station allowing us to bring TVs to their landfill for a fee depending on the size of the TV. However, Wendell can NOT charge you for the following brands of electronics, so you can dispose of them FREE!  Mitsubishi,  Panasonic, Quasar, Sharp, Toshiba, Technics, and Vizio.

District, 413-772-2438, ), or the Springfield Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) Recycling Hotline at 888-888-0784 ext. 2293.