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Free Children’s Books from the Library’s Old Home Day Giant Book Sale

Children's books left over from the Giant Book Sale are free at the library.  Get them while they last. In the next week or so Big Hearted Books will come and take them, along with the rest of the leftovers from the sale (adult books stay the same price....)

Free “Treasures”

One bag of “treasures” for the Sawdust Treasure Hunt on Old Home Day was misplaced so they were not hidden in the sawdust. They are now at the library and if a child takes out a book, they can select a “treasure” from a basket.

Free Sawdust

Could you use sawdust for mulch or to cover undesired weeds? Help yourself to the sawdust on the tarp next to the library! 

Lost Your Glasses?

John DeWitt and his son found a pair of prescription glasses (with Transition-type lenses that adjust to the light level) while driving down Wendell Road about ¼ of a mile up from Swift River Shool (in the area with the new blacktop). The glasses appear to be undamaged and would have been dropped prior to around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, July 29th. Please contact John DeWitt at or 646-232-6620 (cell/text) if they are yours.

Find Keys?

Did anyone turn in a set of three keys on a key chain at Old Home Day. Please call 978-544-3410.

Note from Board of Health: Found Money Claimed
On July 12th, Richard O’Brien found $100 at the Transfer Station and turned it into the Transfer Station attendant. It was claimed on July 23rd. Big “Thank You” to Obe! 

New Salem Library News

The Friends of the New Salem Public Library want to extend their thanks to all who helped out by shelving, moving, donating and purchasing the books we sold at Old Home Day. It was a great day for us.

Free Passes to Memorial Museum in Old Deerfield: The New Salem Public Library has "Buy one, get one free," passes for the Memorial Museum in Old Deerfield.  Just come and pick up one of the coupons for the museum discount at the Front Desk.

First Annual Angst Tournament: Come pit your wits against neighbors and friends in three brain-challenging events: Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, and a Spelling Bee. Create your own teams of three players. $5.00 entry fee for each team.  The event will feature adult questions and games. Call 978-544-3002 to register your team.

Summer Reading Raffles:  Be sure to put your name and number on each raffle ticket.

August 14th:  There will be a Raffle Drawing for books read on August 14th. You get one raffle ticket for each book you read.

August 14th Drawing Prizes:

Adults:  Bruce's Browser gift certificate

Teens:  Two tickets for Cinemark (Hadley)

Children: One Yankee Candle Handprint featuring your own hand!

August 28th Drawing Prizes:

Adults: New Salem General Store gift certificate

Teens:  Two Big E tickets

Children:  New Salem General Store gift certificate Tote Bags For Sale: Need a book bag? The Friends of the New Salem Public Library has a new line of totes for sale for $10.00 each. Only $8.00 for "Friends of the Library."

Swift River Valley Historical Society Museum Events

The Swift River Valley Historical Society is now open for the 2014 season, every Sunday and Wednesday through September 28th, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. (except on Sunday, July 20th, closing at 3 p.m. for Dana Vespers). It is located at 40 Elm Street, New Salem. The following events will be held at the museum in July.

Council on Aging News

On Friday, August 8th, we will serve Bok Choy Soup, sweet and sour chicken, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and chocolate pudding.  We gather at 10 am for bingo and visiting and then have lunch at noon.  Please call Hendra Reidy (978-544-2178) by the Monday before to sign up.  

Elder Affairs Town Hall Forum: On Thursday, August 14th from 10:30-noon, there will be an Elder Affairs Town Hall Forum for Second Franklin District seniors and other interested people. Come and discuss the ongoing progress issues and challenges facing elders in our region. This event will be held at the Athol Senior Center, 82 Freedom Street, Athol and hosted by House Elder Affairs Chairman, Jim O'Day, State Representative Denise Andrews, Athol Council on Aging Director Cathy Savoy and the staff from the Joint Legislative Committee on Elder Affairs.

Bingo and Lunch: We will meet for lunch on Friday, August 22nd at 10:00 a.m. in the cool basement of the Town Hall for bingo and socializing with lunch to follow at noon. There will be broccoli bake, home fries, stewed tomatoes, rye bread, and pears.  Following the luncheon on the 22nd, Tina Schryver will come to speak to us about Heart Health. Please call Hendra Reidy by the Monday prior to sign up at 978-544-2178.

New Members Sought: The Council is looking for some new they have had several resignations this year.  Please call Hendra if you are interested.  (You do not even have to be a senior to be a member!!)
Help with Computers and E-readers: Diana Smith and Sue Dunbar at the Library will schedule visits with you in your home or at the Library to learn how to use email, Word, attach pictures or learn basic computer skills. If you have an e-reader, you can learn how to download books that can be “borrowed” from the Library system. Please call the Library to set up an appointment at 544-6334.
Busy Bs: The Busy Bs continue to meet every Wednesday, weather permitting, at the Stowell Building from 1:00-3:00 p.m.  Bring your project and join us.  We have knitters, crocheters, embroiderers, and other crafters all enjoying each other's company and admiring each other’s work.


New Salem Academy Building Summer Hours

The newly restored New Salem Academy Building at 3 Academy Drive (just off the Common) is now open for the summer. It will be open from noon until 5:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month. Come for a tour of the building constructed in 1838 or just sit and enjoy the unique space.


Old Home Day Committee Thank Yous
Many people have come up to the Old Home Day Committee members and thanked them for working on this year’s Old Home Day and helping to make it a success. The Old Home Day Committee would like to say that it would not have put a success without the help of all the following (alphabetical order) and all the people that came and contributed their good energy!


Cake Walk: Bonnie Stewart and Carol Ann Fiske: Cake Bakers: Mailande DeWitt, Hannah Dupont, Hugh Field, Dory Forster, Lynn Layton, Sunday Lefevre, Bonnie Stewart

Community Garden: Lyn Adams, Sandy Spiewak and volunteers (see the Community Garden following notice)

Congregational Church Booths and Red, White & Blue Café: Arthur and Marilyn Adams, Sue Arnold, Hilda Cogswell, Sue Dunbar, Sharon Field, Caroline Blakeley, Mike Jewett, Janet Kraft, Joan McCorquodale, Olie Ohlson, Bob O’Loughlin Jr., Linda Overing, Betsy Pelz, Cindy Phelps, Nan Withington

Council on Aging Tin Can Auction: Connie Blakely, Judy Jewett, Joan Johnson, Ruth Layton, Olie Ohlson, Ruth O’Loughlin, Hendra Reidy, Edith Watson

Friends of the Library Used Book Sale: Judy Bennett, Trudy Berkowitz, Chris Bouda, Lori Flye, Nansi Glick, Jan Henderson, Mary-Ellen Kennedy, Hugh Mackay, John Ryan, Mary-Ann Palmieri, Tony Palmieri, Monica Winters.

New Salem Academy Dedication: Larry Blakeslee, Dan Hammock, Eleanor McGinnis, Trustees of New Salem Academy

Apple Bounce House: Barbara Hamilton and Anthony Darling of Hamilton Orchards

Monitor: Mike and Lauren

Information Booth and Recycling Quiz: Jeanne Clayton

Jumptown Parachute Jumpers

K-9 Dog Demonstration: Belchertown K-9 Policeman and dog, Orange K-9 Policeman and dog and Franklin County K-9 Sheriff and dog, Marcie Helems

Parade: Joan Abboud, Karen Anderson, Denise Andrews

Central Congregational Church Noah’s Ark Float of Recycled Animals with stuffed animals on their way to the Shriner’s Burn Hospital (Bo Henderson, Judy Cornwell, Jack Dewitt, Jim Ewen and the Phelps: Amanda, Bruce, Caitlin, Chris, Cindy, Doug, Joey, Michaela), Austin and Doug Payne, Mark Lewis, Hannah Dupont, Peter Frost, Wayne Hachey, Maura Healey, Aurianna and Cristen Lett, Mark Lewis, Morgan, Monty, Nicol Wander and Puppets, John Ryan, Repeal Automatic Gas Hike Group, Stop the Gas Pipeline Group, Claire Wasilewski and goat, Theo Woodley

Fire Departments: Athol, Franklin County Sheriff, Shutesbury, New Salem, Wendell

New Salem Police Department

Recyled Art Show: Friends of Historic New Salem, Ta Mara Conde, Janet Henderson, Historical Commission, Polly Lyman, Sarah Thayer. Contributors: Lisa Ahlstrom, Dave Barnes, Lindsay and Mike Butler, Joe Cayoni, Bob Clukay, Gordon Dempsey, Laura Golden, Janet and Bo Henderson, Lynn Layton, Polly and Harrison Lyman, Gary Moise, Mary-Ann Palmieri, Elisabeth Royce Pattinson, Bob Roy, Nicole Sears

Re-Purposing Exhibit: Harmonie Arcisz

Sawdust Treasure Hunt: Jim Conkey of C & W Roughcut, Mike Yohan, Melissa Burke

Solar Panel Installation Tour: Ricardo Conde

Solar-Powered Mini-Car Races: Dave Gauthier, Owen Gauthier

Tricycle Races: Lisa DeWitt, Swift River School

New Salem General Store for gift certificates contribution

Pie-Eating Contest: Ana Gauthier

Trashion Fashion Event: Sue Arnold, Aimee Dupont, Dorothy Johnson, Niles Larson

Basketball Shootout: Bo Henderson

Cross-cut Saw Contest: Paul McGinnis, Barre Lumber, Dave Henderson, Margy and Claire McGinnis

Reused Buildings Mini-Golf: Genie Casey, Lisa and John DeWitt, Mike Gelinas, Pat Temple, Monitors: Allan “Skip” Bixby, Hugh Field, Owen Gauthier, Carol Ruch, Layannie Meyer

1794 Meetinghouse Silent Auction: Lynn Dudley and the Quabbin Valley Pro Musica members

Fire Department Breakfast and Lunch: Beth Bone, Sara Cadran, Joe Cuneo, Cam Dunbar, Larry Eaton, Mahar Key Club, Andy Olson, Ava Payne Roger Spring, Dan Thayer, Reid Van Iderstine, Taylor Whittemore

Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) House

Pizza Party: Jeanne Clayton, Mary-Ann Palmieri, John Ryan. Sponsors: Breezeway Farm Consulting, Genie and Brian Casey, John and Jeanne Clayton, Mike Dupont and Stacy Senflug, Hamilton Orchards, Maple Valley Creamery, New Salem General Store, Mary-Ann and Tony Palmieri, Whittier Plumbing & Heating

1794 Meetinghouse

Publicity: Jane Clukay, Janet Henderson, Cathy Jones, Reid VanIderstine

Signage: Bob Clukay

New Salem Highway Department

Swift River Historical Society Felt Making: Sheila Damkoehler

Appalachian Mountain Club, Ingrid Schatz and the Inside/Out Dance Group,

Nicol Wander Puppets, Charles Neville and the Skeletones, The Relics, Bob Ellison and his Music for Kids

New Salem and Massachusetts Cultural Councils for the grants for the Nicol Wander and Charles Neville and the Skeletones performances

And, as our theme was “It’s Easy Being Green” Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”: Jamie Beauchesne, Cal and Lynn Layton, Jen Potee, and particularly, Rick Innes of Clearview Composting and Amy Donovan of the Franklin County Solid Waste District for all their support with our recycling and composting efforts!

We know we must have left some people out, please indulge us we were very busy that day!

The Old Home Day Committee,

Genie Casey, Jeanne Clayton, Jane Clukay, Lisa DeWitt, Janet Henderson, Lynn Layton, Polly Lyman, Mary-Ann Palmieri, Jen Potee, Reid Van Iderstine

Extra Old Home Day Thank Yous
1794 Meetinghouse Silent Auction: Note: It was their 10th Annual Silent Auction!  Ted  Horman and Lynn Dudley were the co-coordinators, Marcia Gagliardi handled all the publicity, and Tony Palmieri lent us his tent and he and Niles Larsen set up the tent and tables. Old Home Day volunteers: Lynn Boudreau, Chuck Berube, Ted Boren, Judy Bisinger, Christy Boudreau, Jo-Anne Chapin, Richard Chase, Charlene Deam, Candi Fetzer, Hugh Field, Marcia Gagliardi, Connie and Bill Gillen, Rachel Gonzales, Jennifer Gray, Nancy Gregg, Ted and Marti Horman, Wendy Howes, Harry Haldt, Ken and Judy Johnson, Bill Oldach, Linda Overing, Phil Rabinowitz, Joyce Sawyer, Carolyn Senier, Phyllis Stone, Mary Thurber, Cathy Tyng, and Lynn Dudley.

Old Home Day Contest Winners

Pie-Eating Contest: Micah Van Iderstine, Hannah O’Keefe, Arianna

Basketball Shootout: Aidan Sanatana, Ryan Lyman, Dan Gillmeister

Trashion/Fashion Event: Morgan & Isaiah Barnes (tie), Claire Waslewski, Cristen & Aurianna Lett (tie)

Cross-Cut Saw: Young Girls – Rosemary and Hannah, Two Men – Lawski and Cal Layton, Young Boys - Damien and Cameron La Ray, Man and Woman – Claire McGinnis and Lowsky

Solar-Powered Mini-Car Race: Austin Payne

Re-used Buildings Mini-Golf: Ricky Cadran, Travis Murphy, Lisa Richards

Best Cake Baker: Mailande DeWitt

Cake Winners: Damien LeRay, Gareth Gordon-Halpern, Janet Henderson, Neil Gomberg, Kathy Soule-Regine, Peter Newman, Adam Frost


Videos of the Old Home at Athol Daily News Website!

Videos of the Old Home Day Parade, Inside/Out Dance Group performance, the parachutists, and the New Salem Academy Museum Dedication can be seen at the Athol Daily News website. You do not have to have a subscription. If you do not have access to the Internet (or sufficient access), go to the Library!

Community Garden Thank Yous

Thank you to all who made our fundraising plant sale and raffle a success! From those who spent extra time cleaning the plots and paths, to those who were able to share in the Old Home Day event! For those who worked on the green, Lyn and Jeff Adams, Ron and Lori Lunn, Lisa Finestone and Sandy Spiewak. Thanks to Layannie Hayden Mayer, who sold tickets all around the town; Rik and Deb Rolski who purchased plants and raffle tickets. A special thank you to Pat Skaza who spent some quality friend time with us on the green. We exceeded what we viewed as being a joint effort! Lyn and Jeff Adams supplied a tent, Lisa Finestone and her husband transported the plants to the green, Carol Hillman volunteered her truck, Central Congregational church and the New Salem library allowed us to have donation vessels. Thank you New Salem Public library for showing our slide show of garden pictures. To all the plant donators, Foothill Farms, Diane Gumaer, Sarah Kohler, Laura McLeod, Hugh McKay, Sue Arnold and Lisa Finestone, we couldn't have made such an impact without you. Thank you to Bruce Spencer for wanting to help, please get well soon. Finally, thank you to Laurenitis Farm for donating the spectacular hanging basket that Mary Ellen Kennedy won at our raffle.

We are continuing to apply for grants and find monies to support our shed building project. If you have options, feel free to contact Sandy @ All ideas are welcome! We are less than half way there!. 


New Salem Library News
New Salem Public Library Board of Trustees Opening
: If you are interested in being a behind the scenes advocate for the New Salem Public Library there is an available spot on the Board of Trustees. For more information see Diana at the library.

Notes on "Lost" Wildlife from Mass Wildlife

See links below for information:

Notes on lost wildlife /rehab/wildlife_rehab_index.htm

New Salem Town & Local Events Calendar
Please note:  Click on the event in the Calendar for event details.

Northern Routes New Music Festival Performances at the 1794 Meetinghouse

Northern Routes is a three-day festival of new music, including two days at the Meetinghouse this weekend. The 1794 Meetinghouse presents the best in adventurous, underground music with performances by artists working across the spectrum of experimental styles, from acoustic fusions of folk and improvisation to electric textures and soundscapes.

-On Friday, August 1st from 4:00-11:00 p.m., the following performers will be showcased:

Glenn Jones, Marissa Nadler, Glitter Pen, Trevor Healy, Bunwinkies, Passerine, Matt Krefting

 -On Saturday, August 2nd from 2:00-11:00 p.m. the following performers will be showcased.

Peter Stampfel, Juan Wauters, Metal Mountains, Crystalline Roses Band, Tarp, Willie Lane, Tongue Oven, Hallock Hill

 -Opening Night of the Northern Routes New Music Festival with be  at the Brick House & Rendezvous in Turners Falls on Thursday July 31st at 7:00 p.m.

See the Northern Routes Facebook Events Page for more details

 -Northern Routes is made possible in part by a generous support from:

•           North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival
•           The Rendezvous Restaurant, Turners Falls
•           Artisan Beverage Cooperative, Greenfield
•           John Doe, Jr. Records, Greenfield
•           The Quarters Restaurant, Hadley

Adults: $20 for a single day's concert or $35 for both; Children 12 and under free. Tickets available at or at the door.

More details are posted and tickets can be purchased on our website at

North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy Special Event

On Friday, August 1st at 8:00 p.m., the North Quabbin Community Action presents Harmony & Heartache - An Evening with the Rockin’ Rolski Band, featuring Special Guest Davis Bates, Storyteller. There is no cover charge, but donations will be greatly appreciated.

-The event will take place at the Shutesbury Athletic Club, 282 Wendell Road, Shutesbury. There will be a Community Supper at 6:00 p.m. for $6-9 (sliding scale) with food provided by Lisa DeWitt and the North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy board and volunteers. All proceeds benefit North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy. For more information go to

-About the Performers

The Rockin’ Rolski Band

Lead guitarist and vocalist Rik Rolski of New Salem heads up The Rockin’ Rolski Band and is responsible for its musical arrangements. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Rik was a Sire/Warner Brothers artist, recording and touring nationally with Figures on a Beach and country-rock band The Darlings. John DeWitt is a New Salem musician of no acclaim whatsoever, except that he is lead singer and plays rhythm guitar and keyboards for The Rockin’ Rolski Band. Founded in early 2013, The Rockin’ Rolski Band has performed in Boston, Orange, New Salem, and Turners Falls, Mass. (and once in Orlando, Fla. for President Obama’s Marine helicopter detail).

Davis Bates, Storyteller

Davis Bates' performances are a mixture of family, Native American, international and regional stories and songs. They speak of empowerment, history, spirit and the environment. Davis has been sharing stories and songs for over 32 years in schools, libraries, festivals and community settings. Learn more at

About North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy

North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy is an association to develop and support relationships for people with mental disabilities who will benefit from guidance, companionship, and/or advocacy. NQCA provides protection and advocacy for vulnerable people by fostering and supporting freely given, one-to-one personal relationships between people living in the North Quabbin community. One partner in each relationship is a local citizen with a mental, developmental, or age-related difficulty (such as mental retardation, mental disorder, cerebral palsy or conditions resulting in dementia). The other partner in each relationship is a local citizen with personal qualities and talents that “fit” with the personal qualities and needs of their vulnerable partner. Learn more at

 Made in the Valley: 19th Century Industry and Craftsmanship at the Swift River Historical Society

On Sunday, August 10th, from 1:30 to 4:30 p. m. The Swift River Valley Historical Society joins the Pioneer Valley History Network in its Made in the Valley 2014 theme, celebrating the artisans, craftspeople, and manufacturers that produced goods in our area. This free family-friendly event will be an afternoon of demonstrations, along with lively music by the local band Bright Lines and free Maple Valley ice cream at the Swift River Valley Historical Society at 40 Elm Street in New Salem. There will be craftspeople demonstrating traditional 19th century economic activities, including a tinsmith, felt hat maker, a blacksmith, straw braider, saddle maker, and a machinist.” Visitors can try their hand at threading a screw with an adjustable die, an extremely important 19th century innovation (first patented in nearby Greenfield) that allowed agricultural and industrial machinery to be properly maintained and repaired. The program is supported in part by grants from the Athol, New Salem, Orange, Petersham, Warwick, and Wendell Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.  See attached press release for more details. Made in the Valley

Birds of Prey Presentation at Swift River Historical Society

Wingmasters’ Native Raptors, Native Artifacts program presents live birds of prey with Eastern Woodland artifacts at the Swift River Valley Historical Society, 40 Elm Street, on Wednesday, August 13th at 6:00 p.m. The family-friendly event, co-sponsored by the Community Network for Children, is free. Donations welcome. See attached press release for details. Birds of Prey


Quabbin Valley: Before and Now Presentation at the Swift River Historical Society

On Wednesday, August 27 at 7:00 p.m., Dale Monette presents historic Quabbin Valley photos with views from the same locations today at the Swift River Valley Historical Society, 40 Elm Street.

Hilltown Brewfest Plans

The 7th Annual Hilltown Brewfest will be held on Saturday, September 6th this year from noon to 5:00 p.m. As in years past, it will be held at 837 Cooleyville Junction on Route 202 in New Salem. Price of admission includes sampling of a large selection of craft beers, ciders, wines, meade and entertainment provided by three live bands. Local food vendors including Diemand Farms, Cliff's Backyard BBQ and the Petersham Lions Club will also be onsite supporting the event.  All event profits are donated to our local fire departments for much needed equipment and supplies.  Last year's Hilltown Brewfest raised a record $17,000 for our local departments! Don't worry, be “hoppy” and join us again on September 6th for a great fun-filled day for a great cause! For more information or online ticket purchase visit


Nature Writing Workshop with Mira Bartok
Writing the Land is an inspiring workshop on nature and environmental writing taught by New Salem author and artist Mira Bartok, who is a National Book Circle Critics Award Winner for her New York Times bestselling memoir, The Memory Palace. Mira will offer this one-day retreat at the Seeds of Solidarity Farm and Education Center in Orange on Saturday, October 11th from 10:00-3:00 p.m. It will include nature walks, guided writing exercises and shared reading of work in a supportive environment. This special event is a wonderful opportunity to deeply explore the resonances between sense of place, memory, and your own relationship to the earth. No experience needed. Mira’s generous support of Seeds of Solidarity enables this workshop to be offered at a very special price of $100. A farm-fresh lunch is included! Space is limited to 20. Pre-registration is essential and we expect the day to fill. Contact or 978-544-9023 to register. For more info, go to:

New Kitchen Compost Pails Available at Transfer Station!

The Franklin County Solid Waste District recently purchased a large number of “Sure-Close” kitchen compost pails. These 1.9-gallon pails are meant to collect food waste in the kitchen, and the materials then emptied into backyard or municipal compost bins. The lid latches securely and can be made to stay open for ease of use. The vented lid has pinholes that act as a filter (but with no expensive or hard-to-find filter); moisture can pass through the lid, which reduces odors.


New Salem was among 15 district towns received varying amounts of pails: Bernardston, Colrain, Conway, Erving, Gill, Hawley, Heath, Orange, Montague, New Salem, Rowe, Shelburne, Sunderland, Wendell, and Whately. They are available free at our transfer station while supplies last.  The kitchen pails are also offered for sale to District residents for $5 at the District Office, 50 Miles St., Greenfield; call 413-772-2438 for hours or more info. Earth Machine outdoor compost bins are also for sale for $45 at the District office


These municipal compost programs are available free to permit holders at the transfer stations in Leverett, New Salem, Northfield, Orange, and Whately. The majority of this purchase was funded by Mass DEP’s Sustainable Materials Recovery Program  (SMRP) small-scale initiatives grant. The grant requires that funded items contain 35% recycled content; therefore these pails are an avocado green color to mask any color variations in the recycled product. The District previously offered a beige version of the same pail. District Towns also received a total of 44 Earth Machine compost bins, funded by the SMRP grant. For more information, please call (413) 772-2438.

Bee Swarms Welcomed

This time of year, honey bees are evaluating their housing and may feel their current situation is not ideal. About half the hive population leaves with the current queen in search for greener pastures. A swarm is typically very docile, even though they are a noisy bunch. The swarm generally stays in temporary location, such as a tree branch, for about 24 hours while the scouts find a new dwelling. We would love to provide a home for them on our New Salem property. Please call Harmonie or Dennis at 978-544-3869 if you see a swarm in your neighborhood.

A Home for Bats

The Friends of Historic New Salem which oversees the New Salem Academy Building, are preparing a home for bats. As you may know the bat population has been struck by the White Nose Syndrome and the numbers are diminishing.  We have many migrating bats which have chosen to nest in the attic of the Academy building which we discovered after the building had been restored. After consulting with Dr. French of the Massachusetts Wildlife, we have taken measures to change their nesting spot.  It was suggested we add lights and maybe a radio on a timer to discourage the bats from nesting in the attic, but this must be started before they nest on June 1st. Dr. French also offered plans for a bat house large enough to hold the migrating population and construction has started. The bat house will be placed near the garden area behind the town hall.

The Friends have begun the process to direct the bats to another nesting place and warn that they may try to nest in homes and buildings surrounding the common. If you are concerned that the bats may find your home inviting, we suggest you follow Dr. French’s advice and add a light and radio connected to a timer to any dark, inviting places before June 1st. After the bats have begun to nest the lights and radio are not necessary.

North Quabbin Food Co-op
COMING SOON! A Food Co-op in downtown Orange! The North Quabbin Community Co-op, a member-owned grocery store, will be moving to downtown Orange this summer and will serve the region with healthy and locally produced products.  Join Amy Borezo and Michael Skillicorn for an informal gathering at the New Salem library to hear more about it on Tuesday, May 20 at 7:00 pm. Go to: for more information about the co-op.

Hatha Yoga Class
Janice Doubleday is offering an on-going Hatha Yoga class for beginners and intermediate on Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Wendell Senior Center. She has a 200 hour certificate. Classes are $10. Contact her at or 978-544-7079 with any questions.

Board of Health Litter Drawing Awards
In the month of April, Jeffrey Duga and children walked the sides of the roads in New Salem  and picked up 15 bags of rubbish. They won the drawing for the free bags for that month. Hugh MacKay won the May drawing for the free bags for his part in keeping New Salem clean. Thanks to all of you from the Board of Health and the Town of New Salem for helping to keep New Salem clean. If anyone is interested in participating in the drawing for the free trash.

North Quabbin Community Garden Offering Garden Plots

The North Quabbin Community Garden’s Steering Committee invites local gardeners and would-be gardeners to the garden on Holtshire Road in Orange on Saturday, May 10th, from 10:00-3:00 p.m. for a day of planting in preparation for a summer of gardening. Organic garden plots will be available on a first come first served basis.  The garden is located on land owned by Connie Pike and Mike Magee on the northwest end of Holtshire Road between the Route 2 interchange and Wendell Depot Road.  The family hosted a community garden at the site for years in the 1990s.  For more information, directions, or to sign up for a plot, contact Kristin Grenier, who serves as Community Outreach Coordinator at Mount Grace as part of the MassLIFT-AmeriCorps program.  She can be reached at 978-248-2043 or

Wired West Needs Responses

     Have you taken a minute to complete your support card for WiredWest broadband service yet?  If you do not have a card and have not completed a survey online, the post cards are also available at the Town Hall Annex (Old Libary) and the New Salem Library.  Or you can complete the form online
     Only one response per household will be counted.  If there are multiple households in your building, please indicate a separate apartment number for each.  WiredWest is a municipal cooperative of 40 towns working together on a fiber-optic network in the region to provide state-of-the-art and affordable internet, phone, video and other services to homes, businesses and institutions.  See the website at for more information.
     The support card is an important demonstration of interest in the network in each town.  We hope you will consider expressing your interest in service from the WiredWest network.  Even if you already have services from another provider, note that WiredWest will not only deliver superior internet service, but your expressed support also helps to ensure access for your fellow residents who currently have no high-speed internet options.
     If you have any questions, please contact the New Salem delegates, MaryEllen Kennedy at or Kathy Soule-Regine at